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Africa Day FiFA Tournament

May 25 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm UTC+2


Registrations are closed for this event

Each year, there is an average of 933 FiFA participants who register on our social media platforms to participate in events. Such tournament progresses as players are eliminated by each other until a winner is crowned.

This Time Fi Cyber Cafe, Introduces Africa Day FiFA 18 Tournament.


Regstration Starts 16 May To 25 May 2018

Regstration Fee: $5

Prize Pool:

First Prize $70

Second Prize $20

The tournament will consist contestants.
• The contestants will be put in groups.
• The groups will be divided.
• From the group stages It will be straight knockout to the last then to the Quarter Finals, to Semi-Finals to the FINALS platform.
• There will be a THIRD and FOURTH place platform. The RUNNER UP from the Semifinals 1 and RUNNER UP from the Semifinals 2 qualify to the THIRD and FOURTH place platform.
• The WINNER of Semifinal 1 and WINNER of Semifinal 2 qualify to the FINALS platform.
• FINALS: WINNER of Semifinal 1 v WINNER of Semifinal 2.



– For ease of use all games will be played in “Kick Off” Mode.


– Every player is allowed to pick their preferred team. Teams can be picked before the start of the game. Players are allowed to use multiple teams throughout the tournament as they please. It is accepted to have the same teams play against each other (e.g. Bayern Munich). In that case, the ‘away’ player will have to pick the Away Jersey for that team. In general, ‘away’ players are responsible for picking the jersey that does not resemble the home team jersey.


The scores will be reported to the score table by both players after the game.


• 4-minutes for every game.
•Conditions: Clear or Sunny.
• Injuries: On.
• Off Sides: On.
• Time/Score Display: On.
• Handballs: Off.
• Camera: Tele Broadcast (In Short Default).
• Game speed: Normal.
• Defense type: Tactical/Legacy defending (Players Choice).


• All players are allowed to set their control settings to their comfortability.
• All players will be allowed to change their preset game play settings (e.g. classic, two button, custom) to their preference and convenience. It is the responsibility of all players to be familiar with the controller’s functions and mode of operation.


• If a controller is defective, a Player can pause the game immediately and notify the referee. If the player agrees the problem is fixed, he or she may not pause again.
The referee will then determine the controller status in making such a decision. If a Player plays with a defective controller, all results are nevertheless valid.
• You can bring your own controllers only under the condition of complying to all the Game-Play Settings and Controller Settings Rules (Note, write your name behind it to avoid any inconveniences).
• You cannot select any fictional or All-Star teams. Any regular season teams, as installed with the original game, can be selected. Both players can select the same team.
• Club teams only.
• Selecting Preset Formations (e.g. 4-3-3, 4-1-1-2-2 and etc) and selecting your starting 11 are allowed before the match starts. Only 1 Minute will be given to both Players at the same time by the referee.
• Custom Formations and editing player position within a formation before or at any point during the game is allowed.
• Selecting Tactics (e.g. ultra attack, balanced, ultra defending, etc) are allowed before kick off or during the game.
• Once the match has started, players can only pause the game when the ball goes out and at halftime to change strategy, statics /or formation when (i) a player of his team is sent off (ii) a player of his team is injured. Only 1 minute will be given by the referee to the Player that suffers such impediment or even the opponent in case he or she wants to make a change to their squad.
• Substitutions are only allowed at Halftime and when the ball goes out. Only 1 minute will be given by the referee.


• All games will be played on the PlayStation 4 console and Xbox One Console. ( Players will choose which they are comfortable with).
• All players are required to show up at least half an hour before the tournament and report to the organizers control table.
• All competitors are required to stay within the tournament area ( When it begins) or inform the organizers in the event of stepping out.
• Players not present at the designated start time for any match will be disqualified, and their opponent shall be granted a 3-0 score. Players are encouraged to be in the designated play area 5 minutes prior to game time.
• Each player will have 1 minute to configure controls, line-ups and settings in accordance with the rules described above under Game-Play Settings and Controller Settings Rules.
• Custom packages cannot be used, nor can anything else that is not available in the in-game pause menu.
• Players shall be responsible for keeping track of game situation so if a game is interrupted, the situation can be restored, in all situations possible, tournament referees will monitor the game situation so that it may be restored in the event of game interruptions.
• At the end of every game, players must record their scores with the referee. Only scores reported to the referee are official.
• No replays, inappropriate celebrations to offend and/or undermine opponent, or game interruptions of this kind will not be allowed as this will attract a warning and evident disqualification.
• In case of any kind of unfortunate event or disconnection, disc error, or electricity failure, the score will remain the same regardless of game played but the half in which the problem occurred will be played again.
• Any participant deliberately attempting to sabotage the game to restart matches will be automatically and immediately disqualified from the tournament.
• Any persons who attempt to disrupt matches with verbal or physical abuse to referee/admin or competitors will be disqualified from the tournament.
• Refusal to play a match or committing any disruptive behavior that can delay the tournament will result in forfeit of the match regardless of the contestant tournament standings.
• Players must conduct themselves in a responsible manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, tournament organizers and officials, and to other players.
• Players will refrain from using vulgar or offensive language directed at any player, spectator, official, or any other person, or any abusive behavior, fighting, or any form of harassment and threats thereof are prohibited. This will attract a warning and evident disqualification.
• Frequent and/or purposeful pausing during game play may be subject to disqualification.
• No sideline coaching, or offer of any advice to anyone playing a game is allowed. This will lead to a warning and evident disqualification to the one playing.
• In case of any other dispute, referee/admin’s decision will be final.
• The tournament rules may be subject not to change for any reason.
• All players must play the Game using the above stipulated Game-Play Settings and Controller Settings Rules, and must comply to all the Tournament Rules and General Rules. Any deviation from this will result in automatic disqualification. If game settings are found to be wrong by the tournament administrators, the players and the game will be disqualified.


May 25
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Christian Science Church
CNR Selous,Park Lane OPP NSSA House, 2nd
Harare, Zimbabwe


Fi Cyber Cafe

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