After hiatus for three years the Zimbabwe eSports Association is set to hold their online friendly match against Nigeria on the 23rd of March 2019. The event will see Zimbabwe FiFA Ultimate Team gamers Tinashe Vutta, Autsin Moyo, Maita Kodogo and Wakanaka Mavunga face-off with , Nigerian Team Boye, Daniel Osemudiame and many more.

The test match is already receiving a great deal of interest amongst the gaming communities in both countries.

Although there is a great deal of belief that the Nigerians will win the test Matches, the Zimbabwean team is not taking the Second Return lightly.
The Nigerians have a reputation of being fierce competitors instilled with national pride, and as such have no intention of allowing Zimbabweans to win.

The last time Zimbabwe competed at a international level was back in 2015 when they faced of South Africa on FiFA 15

South Africa VS Zimbabwe FiFA 15

With the Africa eSports Championships set to kick-off August 2019, the Zimbabwe eSports Association has so far organised competitions centered around EA Sports FIFA 19,Tekken, & Mortal kombat with more plans being implimented for the Mobile gaming community.

These communities are already being built by the Zimbabwe eSports Association; “We’ve started creating communities for specific games. The FIFA community and FGC Community is strong in Zimbabwe, so they are readily available for gaming tournaments or any 1-v-1 events. That is why there is a lot of activity within the FIFA & FGC community”

eSports Zimbabwe focusing on EA Sports FIFA, Mortal kombat & Tekken is actually in the right direction; “Such games tends to be our stronghold and we have to develop that, then others will feed off the success, but we’ve created a community for PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds ) with the first offcial opening to be against Ghana.

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