President of esports Zimbabwe Thomas Arnold Phiri, has revealed that esports Zimbabwe along with (Aimming Annonymus) a group of South African gamers who love gaming have put in place plans to share their experiences with Zimbabwe.

Towards the Africa Esports Championship PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has gained popularity among gamers in Zimbabwe. This led to the organization of a professional league, Staged by the biggest gaming industry organizer in the country

This has thus been an exciting journey for our management and staff through the shared vision of professionalism and openness which all carry as a banner.

The first match kicks off today at 19:00.

The major goal of the competition is to;

• Elevate esports & gaming activities in Zimbabwe
• Foster brotherliness via sustained engagements
• Establish Zimbabwe on global Esports map
• Lift Zimbabwean youth by providing career paths for them
• Bring glory to the African continent
• Use esports as a tool to tackle socioeconomic issues
• Positively impact the Zimbabwean economy as a whole
• Tell Zimbabwe’s story to the world from our perspective

We want Zimbabwean gamers to cross borders and see them being signed on to big teams in Asia and other countries. We will always support in this regard and welcome partners who value our approach.

Together we Grow | Together we Game

More details ahead

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