With Zimbabwe Mind Sports Union (eSports Zimbabwe) already committed to attend Championships in Pro Series gaming at Nairobi, kenya come 2019 unique opportunities are being offered to athletes who hold Zimbabwean passports. While it is true that the team is only selected after the National Team Trials every time, such system provides all athletes who qualify for such trials with the opportunity to be selected.

It must be remembered that eSports Zimbabwe always tries to select the best possible teams to represent Zimbabwe. Thus an athletes may not be selected in his/her first attempt at ‘Trials’ as the Selectors may not consider the athletes to be quite ready for the rigours of international competition.

The last thing eSports Zimbabwe wants to do is sacrifice emerging skill on the altar of competition to see such athletes become despondent and disappear from high level gaming. Athletes are often crushed by the intensity of international competition if they do not have the correct mind-set. Getting into the National Team is the highest honour afforded to a Zimbabwean. It is the first rung of the ladder to true international competition.

In order to qualify for esports Zimbabwe’s 2018 National Tekken Team Trials (NTTT), a fully-paid-up athlete needs to:

  • Win a Regional Championship, and/or
  • Finish in the top 3, or top 20%, of a Provincial or National Championship (whichever is greater), and/or
  • Have represented Zimbabwe international in 2017.
  • Athletes  are  reminded that eSports Zimbabwe shall hold its National Team Trials on 31st of August 2018

Registration is open and closes 31st of August, Links to the fixtures : www.esportszimbabwe.com

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