While Africa is lagging behind other continents in the field of e-sport, in recent years it has really begun to develop in this area, and is trying to upgrade, including through the establishment of and the organization of more professional events like the Africa eSports Championship , which has just been approved by WESCO .

The largest event in Africa, whose qualifications will begin in February 2019 , with the participation of more than 25 African countries, on various popular eSports games, has recently obtained the support of the WESCO (World E-Sports Consortium) , an international organization , recognized for the development of electronic sport, and its promotion as an educational and cultural tool, which approves the project of the Africa eSports Championship , and will bring all its expertise in the field, to give a new image e-sport in Africa.

A strong support, while waiting for other global organizations that will bring their stones to the building, to make Africa a new pole of electronic sport.

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